the mission

As both children and parents, we are keenly aware of the world we were brought into and the one we're trying to create for our child.

We want to teach our child compassion and love for others, especially those in need. And we understand the best way to do this is to lead by example.

In 2020, we were able to donate funds to Assata Collective, Freedom for Immigrants, Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, as well as 5 BIPOC individuals.

In 2021, we will begin donating a portion of our quarterly proceeds to organizations in America that specifically aim to assist disenfranchised people, including but not limited to civil rights organizations, race/gender/sexual orientation specific organizations, and national bail funds.

Our current goal is to grow and expand our business and to do what we can to help people in need.

2021 Donees

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Our Q1 2021 donation was made to Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease. SFWSCD is a community-based Oklahoma nonprofit organization that has assisted families living with sickle cell diseases since 2004.


Their mission is increase self-efficacy, improve the overall quality of life for patients living with sickle cell and thalassemia, children, adults and their families within the State of Oklahoma through systemic changes in patient care, disability policies, education, family support, economic self-sufficiency, awareness and advocacy.



Our Q2 2021 donation was made to the wonderful crew over at Brown Girl Gamer Code.


BGGC was created to be a digital safe space for Black Women and Women of Color to share their love and passion for gaming and technology. One of the goals for our organization is to broaden the scope of representation in the video game world. As systemic oppression, white supremacy, racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia are ingrained in almost every aspect of society, the gaming world is no different.


The creator's goals are to continue to be pillars of representation of Black Women in the gaming community and to also continue to highlight the lack of diversity in regards to Black Women and Women of Color on and off the video game screen. 

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Our Q3 donation was made to the #StreamersForNOLA fundraiser.

#StreamersForNOLA is a fundraiser started by PopNoTarts, a Twitch streamer with family in the New Orleans area who were directly impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Pop put out a call for streamers to dedicate the month of September to doing charity streams that gather donations for two New Orleans based organizations.

Culture Aid NOLA is a nonprofit organization that provides twice-weekly distributions of food to their friends, neighbors, and culture bearers.

Preservation Hall Foundation's mission is to protect, preserve, and perpetuate the musical and cultural traditions of New Orleans.