Want to take your favorite in the air scents to the next level? Try melting these perfect pairs together!


Easy mode: put one wax melt of each in your warmer and witness the magic!

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honey + amber
something toasty

the amber notes shared between these two scents provide the perfect backdrop for a snuggly mixture of honey, smoke, and musk. the perfect cozy couple.

something frosty
something woodsy

both of these scents contain notes of red currant and juniper, making this combination a seamlessly blended pair to have in your home at any time.

something nutty
something delightful

the tonka bean in this perfect pair infuses the air with the warm feeling of a bakery that serves delicious fall and winter treats (like pumpkin bread and banana bread!).

something merry
something spicy

melt this dynamic duo to smell something merry and bright! the orange peel shines while the vanilla and cinnamon notes provide a warm & comfy feel