Another Black-owned Business Mini Haul!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I told you I had another one in the works! I’ll skip the introduction so we can get to why you’re really here.

Note: there’s one more product that I bought but I’m not going to show it off JUST yet.

Melanin Haircare

Whitney White, better known as Naptural85 , has been one of my favorite Youtubers since I first started following her 3 or 4 years ago. Her channel is a haven for folks with natural hair looking to add more natural, homemade products to their wash day routine. Whitney has accumulated more than 1 million followers since starting the channel in 2008. She focuses on DIY haircare products (like this super satisfying video of her making flaxseed gel) while strictly NOT adding coconut oil to her products (THANK GOODNESS).

Whitney and her sister have been working on perfecting their Melanin Haircare line for over 6 years. Their current offerings include African Black Soap shampoo that clarifies without leaving your hair feeling like hay, a multi-use conditioner that can be used in SEVEN ways, a lightweight multi-use pure oil blend, and a twist elongating cream (this is the only one I don’t have).

I don’t even know where to start. Should I begin with how amazing my hair has responded to these products? The nozzle on the shampoo bottle that allows you to apply what you need directly to your scalp? The moisture it adds to the hair and scalp? The PRICE? (The shampoo is the most expensive at $19.89 for 16 oz. The last fancy shampoo I bought ended up disappointing me and cost me $15 for 8 ounces.)

Melanin Haircare was made for all curly/coily hair types and I truly can’t recommend this enough.

Ears On The Other Side

I “met” Reagan this year when I needed to visit an island on Animal Crossing because my Nook’s Cranny was closed and I needed DIY kits (this is a constant problem). Since then, we became fast friends. Over time, I picked up that she LOVED all things Disney, so when she told me she was opening an Etsy shop selling Mickey ears, I was only a little surprised. The name of her shop is a play on the massively underrated song sung by the massively underrated villain Dr. Facilier from the massively underrated movie “The Princess and the Frog.”

The second she DMed me a picture of these ears, I knew I was about to throw my money at her. We like Disney as well, but haven’t visited any of the parks yet (next year, fingers crossed?). When I received them, I was FLOORED. The quality of the material used, the construction, the weight of the ears, and the fit were all perfect. Magical, even.

While she doesn’t offer these ears anymore, she has quite a few others in her shop, including a farmhouse pair that I’m really trying not to buy (but UGH THEY’RE SO CUTE).

If you know of a Disney lover who could use a bit of magic while the parks are closed, Ears On The Other Side is the best place for it.


When my friend Hope told me she was starting a business selling resin-poured items, I set money aside because I KNEW I was going to support. Unfortunately, I think I was a bit of a difficult customer. Completely unintentional. I ordered these resin coasters in a custom color: coral. She would often text me about her difficulty finding a coral that was ACTUALLY coral. One pigment she sent me that was marked as coral was OSU orange, if that tells you anything. Some people don't know what coral is at all.

Even though we have yet to meet in person, I feel like she gets me and she knows what I like. She didn’t show me the color of the coasters when she perfected it. I just got a shipping notice and a bucket of anticipation. She’s much better at holding water than me.

The color of these coasters is better than anything I could’ve imagined. It is the PERFECT coral. These coasters are lightweight, but feel sturdy. They even come together to form a circle and I could NOT be more pleased.

Isn't this GORGEOUS?!

Our friendship is one of mutual admiration, respect, assistance, and buying stuff from each other. I’ll DEFINITELY be back to purchase more, but not just because she’s my friend. Her items are amazingly high quality. Her care and attention to detail really shine throughout all of her pieces. I can’t wait for my next one or four (I’m eyeballing that small catchall).


I’m not going to do a huge write-up about myself because that feels weird. However, if you’re interested in what other people have said about my candles and wax melts, you can find that here.

Starting October 22, 2020, I am donating a portion of a my profits from sales to help protestors in Nigeria #EndSARS. To read more about it and find out ways you can help, click here.

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