Important COVID-19 Update

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hey!⁠ Happy #StarWars day!

In case you didn't catch our Instagram stories, we're holding off on making candles due to lack of inventory from some of our suppliers.⁠

Because of this, we're also going to take a little bit of time to ourselves. We've got some projects to do around the house and hubs will be taking some time off from work this week. Plus, ya know, mental health.⁠

So it just feels right.⁠

I still plan on pouring some wax melts and getting those restocked this week.

H O W E V E R ⁠

We're still taking orders!⁠

We appreciate your support. And we don't plan on going anywhere.⁠

Stay tuned.⁠

May the Force be with you. (Why isn't there a lightsaber emoji? Seems rude.)

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