My Black-owned Business Mini-Haul

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

About a month ago, I ordered some items from some Black-owned businesses (including one local) and I just got them all in. Just to clarify, shipping using almost any service is taking longer due to the pandemic and the delay in receiving these items was not at the hands of the businesses themselves. Ahem.

Let’s talk a little bit about what I bought, shall we?

Brotherhood Tee - $32.50

If you don’t recognize these names, I highly recommend watching “When They See Us” on Netflix so that you can. These are the names of the Exonerated 5 (formerly the Central Park 5), a group of teenagers wrongfully accused of sexual assault and ultimately sentenced to and served unjustified terms in prison. There was never any evidence and the teens were allegedly (I’m not trying to get sued) coerced by authority figures into giving false confessions/testimonies. The story is in 4 parts and if you make it to part 2 with a dry eye, I don’t know that we can be friends.

As soon as I finished my first and only viewing (there’s a list of movies/series I can’t watch again because emotions), I wanted to find a way to further support them and any dreams they didn't get an early start on due to their imprisonment. The best part about this shirt is that it’s not from some random company trying to capitalize of other people’s lives. The company is owned by Raymond Santana, whose name is last on the shirt.

Honey Face Mask - $3.50

I can’t remember when I found out about Shon Simon’s masks, but I’m so glad I did. Not only is she selling some of the least expensive and highest quality masks, she also uses the money earned from masks to help pay bills for families & individuals who need assistance.

The masks come in a variety of colors, including skin tone shades (like the honey one I have here). She has children sizes AND has a free mask if you order even just one. The best way to describe this mask is face lingerie. It is SUPER soft, lightweight, and breathable. She even has inexpensive wholesale options so that you can resell them!

This really is the best mask.

Raise Some Heck

Remember how I said I wanted a garden when I showed you my vision board? I want indoor plants, as well. Unfortunately, our house has very poor natural light and I don’t think I could keep a plant alive if I tried. Tyler Thrasher, a fellow Tulsan, is a what I would call a plant genius. His Instagram if full of beautiful plants, beautiful crystallized insects, and gardening/planting tips and tricks.

He created this shirt to raise money for the Bail Out Project and to create at-home science kits for Black families and kids stuck in the house during this pandemic. I think I saw him say he wanted to raise $5000, but the shirts kind of went viral. He ended up raising $75,000 for these causes.

This shirt, which I’m wearing now, is incredibly soft and has a gorgeous design. I can’t wait to get the plant journal I also pre-ordered from him! Since this shirt is no longer available, I highly recommend signing up for his mailing list to learn about new "Do Good Gang" products (items that he sells to help raise money for local organizations) in the future.

Citronella - $15

Yes, this is my product and yes, I’m fortunate that I didn’t have to wait too long to get it LOL. I told you all I hate mosquitoes and I needed something to keep them at bay. Who would I be if I didn’t love what I sold?

I’m still taking a percentage of sales made and donating it to Bail Out funds in the US. Even though I just went to the living room to grab a candle, I’m going to take a percentage from the retail price of this candle.