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Updated: Dec 11, 2020


This is what we were going for when we first started making candles. I love the classic look of just a plain white candle and I don’t know why. Dyed candles and candles with crystals or dried flowers in them are lovely, don’t get me wrong. But there’s something reassuring about a no-frills candle that gets right down to business.


We chose soy because of its nearly soot-free burn. We say nearly because anytime you set fire to something, there’s going to be soot. We also chose to use cotton wicks woven with paper threads to help ensure a consistent, even burn.


Though we do have accent colors on our site, our main colors are black and white. Our decision to stay minimal with our color scheme is fueled by our desire for luxurious design. We not only want to reflect that in our labels, but in our candles as well.


Our candles are made with 100% pure soy wax and fragrance oils. We don’t use any additives or additional waxes to increase the scent throw. A lot of the fragrance oils we use also incorporate all-natural essential oils like amber, sandalwood, and lavender. Again, we use 100% cotton wicks woven with paper. No zinc, no lead.


The soy wax we use is made from soybeans grown here in America. Our wax is eco-friendly, renewable, and carbon-neutral. The packing peanuts we use are made from cornstarch.

We’re currently working to find a jar company that uses recycled glass. In addition to that, we’re trying to figure out a program which would allow our customers to return their emptied candle jars and have them refilled at a discounted price. As soon as we work out the details, we’ll let you know here.

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