Support Black-owned Businesses pt. 2

Updated: Jun 24

Last Juneteenth, I dedicated my blog post to Black-owned businesses you can support from anywhere. This year, I’m doing the same… but with a small twist.

Since I’ve started streaming on Twitch, I’ve come across some wonderful and talented humans. Streaming itself is a job. Add regular employment and a small business on top of that and you’re looking at some of the hardest working people I know.

For this year’s post, I’m focusing on them: the artists and creators who make their small business a part of their streaming content. They paint, draw, crochet, and design on stream as well as playing video games. And they all make it look incredibly easy.

Let me introduce you.


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Happi, as most of her chat calls her, is a variety streamer who focuses on exploration and story competition. While I found her the for the first time playing Stardew Valley, she’s been known to play an assortment of games like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Hollow Knight and Moonlighter.

She also does a plethora of different art on her stream, including pour paintings and color split paints. She is wildly talented and worth a follow. Especially for her doggo, Ryder.


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Liyah, as some of you know, is who inspired me to stream. She’s an educator, a gamer, and a phenomenal crochet artist. When you can catch her, she’s usually playing games like Stardew Valley (we all like it, okay?), Spiritfarer (top tier game), or just chatting while she’s listening to lo-fi and making more of her gorgeous designs.

Liyah has quickly become one of my favorite streamers and her broadcasts are always a good, fun, chill time, even when her dog Bronx is in a mood.


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Mono is a super multi-talented artist and variety streamer. And this is an understatement. She has created some of the most impeccable pieces I’ve seen. From traditional to digital art, Mono offers a little of everything. (She also designs garments, too.)

You can find Mono playing games like Stardew Valley (I told you), The Sims 4, Overwatch, and Outer Wilds, as well as engaging in delightful chat sessions while creating her beautiful art.