Want a wax warmer? Read before you buy!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Our mason jar wax warmers will be available on September 1st! But before you order, there are some things I want to be VERY transparent about. This whole experience taught me so many things, including ways to save you (and me) a headache.


Did you know that there's a $30 difference in shipping a 12 inch cube box and a 14 inch cube box? For this reason, there isn't much that I can pack with the wax warmers. As a small business, I can't eat $40+ for shipping on a product under $30 and I don't want to pass that cost on to you. That being said, the next section is pretty important in terms of planning your order.


Whenever I get a new product and/or new shipping boxes, I package and weigh different shipping scenarios. Why? To make sure I pack your order efficiently, safely, and for the lowest shipping cost (so I don't have to raise my shipping prices).

Let's take a look at some packaging scenarios.

This is the warmer in the box by itself. I grabbed boxes that would fit the warmer safely inside and that would get here the soonest.

Here is the warmer with 5 wax melts. I should be able to fit 6 total melts in with the warmer without issue.

I was able to pack the warmer with 2 of our standard candles. This is without the protective wrapping around the candles, but I have enough wiggle room that packing two candles with the warmer shouldn't be a problem.

The anniversary collection candles will NOT fit in with the warmer, with or without protective wrapping. I could barely fit the anniversary collection candle in this box as it is, so this is definitely a no go. The only box I could find that would get here soon is the 14 inch cube box, which we're going to talk about next.

Shipping Costs

When I put together my packaging scenarios, I also calculate shipping to make sure that I don't charge too much or too little. That 14 inch cube box I mentioned earlier? Here are the prices straight from USPS.


When I ordered these from the supplier, I knew people would be interested in them, but I didn't know HOW many of you would. I only have 4 of these available and the supplier is all out. Because of the strain on resources due to COVID-19, I don't know when they'll be available again.

That in combination with the shipping costs for these, I'm not sure that I will offer these again in the future, but anything is possible.

If you're serious about ordering one, understand that these will be first come, first serve. Any customers whose orders are not packageable (that's a word now) per the information given in Packaging section of this post will be contacted via email to see how we can efficiently and cost effectively send your items to you.

I know this is all very unusual, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. I want to make this right, but I also want to make sure I operate in ways that make sense for you and for my small business.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for trusting and believing in me and my products. I appreciate all of you!

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