What's Up with Our Candle Jars?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As some of you may have noticed, some candles you order from us come in amber jars and some arrive in the original clear jars.

We started using the amber jars back in May because one of our suppliers didn’t have the clear jars in stock due to delays caused by COVID-19. We love the amber jars so much (and some of you do, too) that we decided to keep them as part of our candle family.

Last week, we made plans to move our summer scents to clear jars (hence last week’s sale) and the #FallYearLong scents to the amber jars.

Well, now the amber jars are out of stock in the TEN reasonably priced places I checked, with some places noting that stock won’t return until a few days before October. Oof.

So, as a business, what do we do? Do we put candle making on hold until October and just focus on wax melts? Do we buy more expensive jars and add them to our lineup with a possible increase in price?

Neither of those are viable options for us. We're just going to keep using whichever jars we can get our hands on that will allow us to keep our prices where they are until stock from our suppliers becomes steady again. While my worry is that other candle makers are trying to get their hands on these jars as well, and some will likely grab theirs before we can, I’m not going to stress about it.

If in the event we do have to change jar styles completely, we'll let you know here first.

We still have amber jars on hand and will try to order whatever jars and lids we can soon. Thank you so much for supporting us. We still have a TON of new things coming up.

Don't worry. Our foot isn’t coming off the gas.

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