summer shipping

We've had to make a lot of changes to the way we do things at terranmade. With the heat that we and many others have been experiencing lately, we foresee us making more.

We recently shipped a candle order to a city just outside of Phoenix, AZ. It's going to be in the triple digits there this week. That doesn't even include the possible higher temperatures inside of mail transportation vehicles. This is not an ideal situation for our candles.

We don't want to deny you of smelly goods, but we also want to make sure they arrive in the best condition possible (that would be NOT melted).

All this being said, we may have to shrink our availability to some customers temporarily. If we can't find a suitable method that would allow us to ship our candles so they arrive in a solid state, we may limit our orders to local customers temporarily until the weather cools down some outside.

We understand that this is inconvenient and we appreciate you standing by us through our growing pains.

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