wax melts

Available in our a variety of luxurious seasonal fragrances, these melts are made with 100% soy wax and are sure to please your "scents" of smell!

about our wax melts

How big are the packages? The packages are 3 oz. (net weight). We're still including the "poured on" date on the label as a sign of our dedication to quality assurance.


How big are the batches that you make? All of our wax melts and candles are poured in small batches (no more than 4 each).


How many melts are in the bag? Unfortunately, there's not an answer to that and here's why. Most wax melts that are sold in the clamshell packages weight 3 ounces and contain 6 melts. Ours are hand-poured, and because of this, each melt may not weigh the same as the next. (More proof that we're human and not robots, in case you were wondering). We wanted to include the weight of the wax melts, not the count, to ensure that you aren't shorted in any way.